Care guide

We hope you love your item.

As with all costume jewellery, it is made for occasional wear.
To enjoy All the little things for longer, please follow our care guide:
  • Avoid water. Do not wear it in the pool or shower. Keep your item dry where possible.
  • Please clean only with products designed specifically for costume jewellery. 
We recommend individually storing your item, in its bespoke box or tissue, when not in use.
The majority of our items are stainless steel & plated.  This is an ideal material for costume material - durable and doesn't tarnish.  All items are nickel free and Hypo allergenic.
Where an item is stated as 925 Sterling silver, it is composed of 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% copper to give added strength and durability.
Sterling Silver can oxidise when it comes into contact with air and so can be prone to tarnishing. This is easily remedied by gently rubbing with a specialised cleaning cloth to restore its appearance. 
Following our care guide will prolong the life of your 925 Sterling silver plated piece.

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