Our story

I’ve always loved jewellery, but from afar. I admired risk takers and would subconsciously accessorise others, but stay in my own comfort zone with fail safe, classic pieces.

My daughter began playfully accessorising and I couldn’t believe how effortlessly she was able to style her day. She totally inspired me.

I believed jewellery had to be meaningful and it better to have one special, go to piece. Now I know better.

I was wasting my time, lusting after expensive items, when I should have been enjoying an outfit for what it was - a moment, an expression.

Life isn’t one size fits all and neither should jewellery be. It’s made up of lots of little moments, lots of little things.

And so began, All the little things.  For now, not then…

All the little things


All the little things that make life wonderful